What does “the edge” really mean?

The edge is the most popular buzzword in modern web dev. But with all these competing definitions… what does it REALLY mean? For extended reading, see Glauber’s (CEO of Turso) take on his blog.

Should I use Next app/ or pages/ dir in 2023?

Next.js lets you start with either pages/ or app/, and the choice will effect your project dramatically. TL;DW: pages/ for beginners and projects you depend on, app/ for intermediate devs learning the latest patterns.

How to write good abstractions

Something something “there’s 2 hard parts about programming, and naming is one of them.” Let’s see how to write smarter component props that invert control to the parent, where it counts 🙌 Based on the excellent Kent C. Dodds talk, Simply React.

Using NextJS? Learn useTransition

With React Server Components, there are entirely new ways to think about re-rendering. Let’s see how the new transition hook can unlock server-side searching with beautiful loading states.

React Suspense finally makes sense

React Suspense has existed for years, and it was never obvious when or why you’d use it. But now, with React Server Components, it might be the bridge to get the best of EVERY data fetching solution.

Cache serverless responses with Cache-Control headers

With serverless on the rise, cache is king 💰 To speed up responses and cut down on your server bill, let’s walk through Cache-Control headers that’ll fine-tune how and where cache is stored.

Are servers better than static site generators?

I’ve been hearing a lot of “serverless can replace your static site” claims. So, I put some cache headers to the test. Turns out, servers and serverless can cut down your build times and still match your static site’s speed 👀

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